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What Are the Long-term Effects of Untreated Dry Eye Syndrome?

Our Team | 06/23/2022

Dry eye syndrome can lead to issues like eye inflammation and corneal ulcers. Learn what causes chronic dry eyes and about treatment options here.


Can I Avoid Glaucoma if it Runs in the Family?

Our Team | 09/14/2021

Do you have a family history of glaucoma? There are ways to reduce your risk. Learn how you can manage glaucoma symptoms and prevent blindness here.


Can Cataract Blindness be Reversed With Surgery?

Dr. James Croley | 08/19/2021

Surgery can reverse cataract blindness, but don't wait to seek the treatment you need. Learn how cataract surgery is performed in Bonita Springs.


What Is A PanOptix® Lens and How Is It Used for Cataracts?

Dr. James Croley | 07/10/2021

Want to improve your vision? The PanOptix cataract lens can replace your cloudy lens and help you see better. Learn about your lens options here.


Six Signs You Have Dry Eye Syndrome

Dr. James Croley | 06/14/2021

Don't ignore the signs of dry eyes, as it could indicate something more serious and be hindering your vision health.


Learn About the Stages of Glaucoma and How They Are Treated

Dr. James Croley | 05/13/2021

Recognizing glaucoma symptoms ensures that your eyes are treated quickly when you have vision changes.


How Do Cataracts Make Your Vision Worse?

Dr. James Croley | 04/11/2021

Cataracts in Cape Coral can cause blurry or cloudy vision. Learn about the signs of cataracts and how they can be treated through simple surgery.


Is There a Laser Eye Surgery Age Limit in Cape Coral?

Dr. James Croley | 11/29/2019

Are you becoming more uncomfortable wearing glasses and switching from one frame or lenses to another?


October - Halloween Eye Safety Month

Dr. James Croley | 10/18/2017

You hear every year about checking all the items that your child receives to make sure they are safe. What about eye safety for Halloween?


September - Healthy Aging Month

Dr. James Croley | 09/28/2017

Our eyes will go through different changes as we age, just like the rest of the body.


The Hidden Dangers of Makeup Mishaps

Dr. James Croley | 03/06/2017

Learn safe and easy tips to keep your makeup fresh and your face fabulous!


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